Volume XII - Recent and Future Challenges for RES

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Navigating the challenges of a low carbon Europe: energy market regulation, the future of RES, and ensuring security of supply

Navigating the challenges of a low carbon Europe:energy market regulation, the future of RES,and ensuring security of supplyThis book provides an insight into some of the mostsignifi cant issues presented at the Florence Schoolof Regulation and Hellenic Energy RegulationInstitute’s joint conference on European energy lawand policy, which took place in September 2016 inAthens, Greece.The purpose of the conference was to provide acomprehensive analysis of the current status of theEuropean and Greek energy sector, and the issuesit faces, from both a legal and economic perspective.The discussions included an assessment of thelow carbon challenges for Europe, examining thefuture of renewable energy systems and supportmechanisms, electricity market design, and thecurrent regulatory framework of the gas and electricitymarkets in Greece. Finally, the discussions turned to the future role of Distribution System Operators, both in their function as independent supervisors of the electricity market and their evolving relationship with the Transmission System Operators

Edited by
Leigh Hancher
Of Counsel, Allen & Overy, Amsterdam,
Professor of Law, University of Tilburg
Antonis Metaxas
Chair of EU Law University of Athens -Department of Political Science and Public Administration


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Publication Date April 2017
Nr of Pages 300
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