Volume VII - The European Supergrid

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The European Supergrid Energy has always beena potential positive European cooperation andintegration factor. Providing zero-carbon power tohomes and businesses across the EU will requirean open market in electricity, underpinned by bothupgraded and new trans-national transmissionnetworks. Building this network in time to meet the2050 challenge will require action now . Supergridwill allow Europe to transform its present energysystem, still mainly based on fossil fuels, to onethat is sustainable since it will not only be ableto optimise all generation (energy mixes) of theMember States but will also be able to integrate allrenewable energy sources that Europe wishes toexploit. This book will show that the above could beimplemented today if there was the political will doso followed by the implementation of the necessaryregulatory instruments. The different chapters willlead us through the period when the idea of aEuropean Supergrid was just a vision to the realityof the technological developments that make itpossible to have such a transformed energy systemin the near future. Europe can afford a transformedenergy system. Investing in all these new technologiesthat can limit global warming to 2°C has ofcourse a cost but the cost of doing nothing wouldbe much higher and not only in terms of money.

Edited by
Ana Aguado Cornago
CEO, Friends of the Supergrid, Brussels

Written by
Ana Aguado Cornago
Pierre Bernard
Mike Boden
Ernesto Bonafé
Pierre Bornard
Marcello del Brenna
Magnus Callavik
Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Eddie O'Connor
Manjinder Dhesi
Julia Dragon
Philipp Godron
Ramona Huuva
Gerhard Imgrund
Nikola Kuljaca
Norman MacLeod
Anne-Katrin Marten
Leonardo Meeus
David Navidad Mencía
Jose Alfonso Nebrera
Jürgen Neubarth
Macro Peronaci
Julian Popov
Zafar Samadov
Frank Schettler
Maher Soyah
Jacques Vandermeiren
Dirk Westermann.
Robert Whitehouse
Wilhelm Winter


ISBN 9789077644263
ISBN ebook 9789077644270
Publication Date April 2015
Nr of Pages 250
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