Volume III - Renewable Energy in the Member States of the EU

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This second edition’s core objective is to provide a complete overview on the relevance of Renewable Energy in all EU member states and the developments in these countries over time. To give an even broader perspective, contributions on some non-EU countries such as USA, Switzerland and China are also included. Not only development plans and requirements by the state and other authorities, but also support mechanisms, grid access rules and codes, authentication methods, cross-border trading and guarantees of origin, supervision of the renewable energy sector, overview of planning, construction and operation and use of specifi c structural and cohesion funds for renewable energy project development are all included in this new volume. Each country has its own chapter in which all these topics are discussed. Written by a team of leading experts from all member states.

Edited by
Dörte Fouquet
Partner, Becker Büttner Held (BBH), Brussels;
Director European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF)
Christopher Jones
Deputy Director-General, DG ENER, EC


ISBN 9789081690478
ISBN ebook 9789491673283
Publication Date June 2017
Nr of Pages 1350
Available as Hardback bound; Digital