Volume XI - The Role of Gas in the EU’s Energy Union

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The EU’s gas market is at the very centre of the EnergyUnion, and is changing faster than ever before. Indeed,the European Council has stressed repeatedly the EU’spriority of ensuring its gas security, and promoting liquidand competitive gas markets across the whole of the EU.The Commission has already proposed a revision to thegas Security of Supply Regulation and negotiations areclose to finalisation. Earlier this year, the Commissionpublished an ‘LNG Strategy’. In terms of marketintegration, the progressive adoption of grid codes isfurther integrating markets, and the emergence of activetrading hubs in North West Europe, is seeing theemergence of similar liquid markets throughout theEU. The EU has also been actively pursuing its aim ofdiversifying its sources of gas supplies, making progressin bringing the Southern Corridor to fruition, and isactively looking at other potential suppliers, for examplein the Eastern Mediterranean. And in the competitionpolicy field the Commission has equally been active,scrutinising the behaviour in particular of companiesholding dominant positions in parts of the EU. Thisvolume, introduced by EU Energy Commissioner MiguelArias CAÑETE, brings together commentary and analysisby some of the leading Commission officials, lawyers andindustry figures on all of these issues, offering a comprehensiveoverview of the challenges faced by the EU,its response, and the future direction of EU gas policy.

Edited by
Christopher Jones
Deputy Director General, DG ENER, EC

Written by:
Marco Alverà, Marco Arcelli, Vitaliy Baylarbayov, Fatih Birol,Julian Bowden, Roger Bounds, Dirk Buschle, Maciej Ciszewski, Adina Crisan-Revol, Gaspard Demur, F. Enrique González-Díaz, Bartlomiej Gurba, Christopher Jones, Benedikt Klauser, Janez Kopac, Kristof Kovacs, Jacek Liegmann, Antonio Llardén, Stefan Moser, Nina Niejahr,Francesco Maria Salerno, Anna Samsel van Haasteren, Lena Sandberg, Carmen Vindel Sanchez,Sofi ya Shavlak, Catharina Sikow-Magny, Beatriz Sinobas, Olav Aamlid Syversen, Ana Gómez Tena, Eirik Wærness and Andrew Walker

The role of gas in the EU’s Energy Union, edited by ChristopherJones, Deputy Director-General of the Directorate General forEnergy at the European Commission, is the result of collaborationbetween its authors to contribute to the debate in this areaand to raise money for charitable causes.100 Euros per copy, will be donated to the Donna Louise Trust,a childrens' charitable Hospice that provides comfort andassistance to children with life-limiting conditions as well astheir families.


ISBN 9789077644447
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Publication Date May 2017
Nr of Pages 300
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