Volume I - The Future of European Gas Markets - Balancing act between decarbonisation and security of supply

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Gas represents a pivotal element of the Europeanenergy architecture. New elements such as theevolution of the EU Energy Union, the internationalclimate agreement reached at COP-21, the EURussiagas relations in the aftermath of the Ukrainecrisis and the supply potential emerging in theEastern Mediterranean, are rapidly reshaping theEuropean gas markets. This book seeks to providean insight into these developments, with theultimate aim of contributing to the current Europeangas debate by providing a balancing act between twoissues, decarbonisation of the European energysystem and security of gas supply, that are usuallyconceived as different and unmatched but thatrepresent, in reality, the two sides of the same coin.

Manfred Hafner is Coordinator of the 'Energy:Scenarios and Policy' research programme at FEEM.He is also Professor in international energy studiesteaching at the Johns Hopkins University School ofAdvanced International Studies (SAIS-Europe) and atthe Sciences-Po Paris School of International Affairs(PSIA). Furthermore, he is Senior Scientist at theEuro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change(CMCC) and Associate Researcher at the Centre forResearch on Energy and Environmental Economicsand Policy (IEFE) at Bocconi University. Moreover,he is Vice-President Consulting at Enerdata andPresident of International Energy Consultants (IEC).

Simone Tagliapietra is Senior Researcher at the‘Energy: Scenarios and Policy’ research programmeat FEEM. He is also Research Fellow at Bruegel, theeconomic think-tank. Expert in international energyissues, he also conducted research at the IstanbulPolicy Center at Sabanci University and at the UnitedNations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva.He obtained his PhD at the Università Cattolica delSacro Cuore in Milan, where he currently collaborateswith the Department of International Economics,Institutions and Development. His most recent bookis ‘Energy Relations in the Euro-Mediterranean:A Political Economy Perspective’ (Palgrave, 2016).


ISBN 9789077644362
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Publication Date October 2016
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