EU GEO Laws Volume I - The EU Electricity Laws

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The increased focus on renewable energy, the implementation of the EU’s Third Energy Package and other recent European energy initiatives mark an unprecedented stepping stone in the strengthening and further integration of the European Energy Market. The legal framework of the European energy sector is not left unaffected by this evolving European Energy Market: it is undergoing fundamental and continuous changes. Key players such as the European Commission, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the national transmission system operators, market players, generators, etc. are all heavily involved in this transformation. The impacts of the remodeling of the electricity sector’s legal environment are being felt at all levels and must be reckoned with in daily business transactions. Companies directly active in the electricity sector are not the only ones to feel the consequences; the reach of this makeover extends all the way to citizens’ lives and companies’ operations. In light of such core changes, a significant increase in volume and rapid evolution, navigating the EU electricity legislation maze has become a real challenge.“The EU Electricity Laws” provides the solution to this hurdle: a single publication combining the most relevant and up-to-date legislation. This is an indispensable work tool for every expert and practitioner regularly confronted with the daily challenges of the electricity sector.

Edited by
Pierre Bernard
Managing Partner, Bernard Energy Advocacy srl;

With the cooperation of
Aurore Vanhay
EU Affairs and Legal Adviser, Bernard Energy Advocacy
Guillemette Smadja
Lawyer, Member of the Brussels Bar
Valérie Bernard
Lawyer, Member of the New York Bar and the Brussels Bar


  • Unique edition compiling the sector-relevant legislation
  • Single point of access to an up-to date legislation
  • Essential tool for practitioners, advisors, academics and experts in the electricity field


ISBN 9789491673412
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Edition 2016
Nr of Pages 4500
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