EU Competition Law Volume II - Mergers and Acquisitions

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Written by the key Commission and European Court officials in this area, this unique title not only provides the most exhaustive analysis of EU Merger Law, with over 1000 pages of detailed analysis and comment. This Second Edition also provides a unique insight and guide into the way that Commission officials approach cases in practice.

Edited by
Götz Drauz
Partner, Howrey LLP Brussels
Former Deputy Director-General, DG COMP, EC
Christopher Jones
Deputy Director-General, DG ENER, EC

Written by
Claes Bengtsson
Cabinet Expert, Cabinet Commissioner Karl de Gucht, EC
Julia Brockhoff
Assistant to Director-General, DG COMP, EC
Josep M. Carpi Badia
Deputy Head of Unit, Antitrust, DG COMP, EC
Giuseppe Conte
Commission Lawyer, State Aid Team of the Legal Service, EC
Nadia De Souza
Policy O_cer, Implementation of ETS, DG CLIMA, EC
Daniel Dittert
Legal Secretary, DG COMP, EC
Götz Drauz
Partner, Howrey LLP, Brussels;
Former Deputy Director-General, DG COMP, EC
Guillaume Loriot
Deputy Head of Cabinet, Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, EC
Johannes Luebking
Head of Merger Unit, DG COMP, EC
Joachim Lücking
Head of Unit, Antitrust and Telecommunications, DG COMP, EC
Henri Piffaut
Head of Unit, Mergers, DG COMP, EC
Stephen Ryan
Deputy Head of Unit, Insurance and Pensions, DG MARKT, EC
Stephan Simon
Deputy Head of Unit, Mergers, DG COMP, EC
Oliver Stehmann
Deputy Head of Unit, State Aids, DG COMP, EC
Ulrich Von Koppenfels
Case Handler, Merger case support and policy, DG COMP, EC
Anthony Whelan
Director, Electronic Communications Networks and Services,DG CNECT, EC


  • Most exhaustive analysis of EU merger law
  • Written by officials from the European Commission and the European Court of Justice 
  • Merger control in specific sectors


ISBN 9789077644188
ISBN ebook 9789491673382
Edition 2
Publication Date January 2012
Nr of Pages 1590 (2 books)
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