The New Sovereignty - In times of crises and crimes

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For almost 400 years, under the Westphalian system established in 1648 , the classic notion of sovereignty has been the pillar of the international relations among States free to do what they want within their territory with the prohibition of intervention in one another’s affairs. Humanitarian crisis, international terrorism, weapon of mass destruction, failed states, pandemic, the increasing role of regional and international entities, ONG and financial entities have eroded the tenuous boundaries between the domestic and international notion of sovereignty. Sovereignty no longer provides protection to the State which to survive must cede some power in order to cope with the challenges of the new international order.

However, despite the increasing number of actors in the international arena and the identity crisis of the notion of sovereignty, the State is bound to The New Sovereignty In times of crises and crimes remain the lead actor on the global stage and, in this light, sovereignty can emerge stronger, provided it fully incorporates its responsibility towards the its own people and the entirety of the international community.

Written by

Leonardo BELLODI

Leonardo Bellodi has been an Executive Vice President of Government, International and Regulatory Affairs at Eni SpA. He worked at the United Nations in New York and Vienna and for international law firms in Bruxelles and Geneva. He is the author of numerous publications and he currently writes for English and Italian magazines and newspapers. He also taught International and EU law in Bruxelles, Milan and Padua.


ISBN 9789083133928
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Publication Date February 2021
Nr of Pages 160